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NEW! Placed for a Purpose Bible Studies and Sermons

Placed for a Purpose is a four-session stewardship series that focuses on our vocation as Christian stewards, called to serve our neighbors. Using the framework of Luther’s three estates of church, state, and home, the series explores the following questions: What does the Bible say about serving our neighbors in various spheres of life? Who are our neighbors? What do they need? How can we help?

Please feel free to use the resources below in whatever way they’re most helpful. If you have any questions about the study or the materials, contact Rev. Dan Galchutt at dangalchutt@kslcms.org.



MissionInsite reports are FREE demographic studies sponsored by LCEF and available through the District. These reports provide an overview of a community based on population trends, economic factors, attitudes of residents, and more. Congregations can request reports by zip code or within a certain distance of their location. To request a report, contact Janet Powell in the District Office at janet@kslcms.org.

For more information on demographic support offered by LCEF, visit the demographics page of LCEF.org.


LCMS Resource: Stewardship from A-Z

The LCMS Stewardship Ministry page is filled with helpful resources for stewardship, including a collection of “A-Z” PDFs on the topic. The PDFs are organized into four sections:

Theology of Stewardship
Bible Studies, Sermons and Pastoral Aids
Nuts and Bolts
Practical Wisdom

Options are available to download the whole collection or just single sections.


Grace-filled Stewards

If you’re looking for another stewardship option for your congregation, check out “Disciples Living as Grace-filled Stewards,” a four-week program from Stewardship Advisors. The program comes with a variety of materials (e.g., Bible studies, newsletter articles, daily devotions, bulletin messages) organized around the following themes:

  • Discipling: Teaching and Equipping
  • Discipling Grace-filled Ambassadors
  • Discipling Grace-filled Servants
  • Discipling Grace-filled Givers

For more information, contact Rev. Dan Galchutt in the District Office or email stewardshipadv@aol.com.

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