Deaf Ministry

The Deaf Ministry Challenge


There are more than 3 million deaf and 28 million hard-of-hearing people in the United States. In Kansas, there are approximately 9,100 profoundly deaf and 108,000 hard-of-hearing people. About 95 percent of deaf people are not churched, which makes this population a vast mission field. Some experts say American Sign Language has become the fourth-most-common language in the United States.

KansaSEED (Support, Encourage, Expand Deaf Ministry) is dedicated to planting the seed of God’s Word in the deaf community.

Program Goals: 

  1. Training deaf leaders to evangelize
  2. Reaching out to members of the deaf community and their families, striving to meet their needs through involvement in conferences and clubs
  3. Raising awareness of the unique needs of the deaf, particularly the barriers to participating in corporate worship and Christian education
  4. Training qualified interpreters
  5. Calling a pastor to serve as missionary to the deaf in Kansas

For more information about KansaSEED, including worship services and contact names of pastors, download the brochure.

KansaSEED Brochure

Another helpful resource: Lutheran Deaf Mission Society (LDMS) Website 

For additional questions, contact:

Missions Staff

Janet Powell
Administrative Assistant
785-357-4441, ext. 2001