"I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth" (1 Cor. 3:6).


All congregations share a common purpose: to proclaim the message of salvation through Word and Sacrament ministry. But the life of the Church often looks different from one congregation to the next.

Every church can be asking, “Where are we now? What’s next?” That’s what the Synod’s re:Vitality initiative is all about—assessing the whole life of a congregation and offering next steps for maintaining a vibrant ministry.


The Re:Vitality program focuses on strengthening a congregation’s ability to invite, welcome, and receive people. The program begins with a no-cost guided self-assessment that helps a congregation determine its “stage of vitality.” Churches can then implement training modules (a combination of videos and practical exercises) that best suit their needs.


  • “Connect to Disciple” (on effective outreach)
  • “Shepherding Our Strays: Actively Serving Our Inactive Members” (expected third quarter 2019)
  • “Serving in God’s Mission: Strategic Planning for Congregations” (expected third quarter 2019)


  • “Members of One Body: Incorporating People into Active Service”

Workshop note: Re:Vitality initially utilized trained facilitators for the workshops, but the program is now being converted to a self-directed model, much like the Synod’s evangelism program, Every One His Witness. The conversion is expected to be complete by the end of 2019.

If you’d like to find out more about the program, check out the re:Vitality page on the Synod website, where you can find additional resources as well as a video describing the first module of the program, Connect to Disciple. You can also contact Sarah Baughman, re:Vitality coordinator, at WOR@lcms.org.


The Kansas District offers mini-grants to help offset the costs of implementing re:Vitality. If your congregation is interested in the re:Vitality program, consider applying for a mini-grant.

Re:Vitality Mini-Grant Application

Re:Vitality a great tool to get you from Point A to Point C. The “B” part you really have to think about, but this is a great tool to get you there.”

Laurie Aufdemberge

Faith, Abilene

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Coming Soon

The Synod recently announced a new emphasis on Making Disciples for Life, which is expected to provide additional resources for strengthening churches, schools, workers, and laypeople. We’ll post details here as they become available.