Servant Events


If you’re looking to use your God-given gifts to help others, consider participating in a servant event. On this page, you’ll find an overview of events sponsored by Kansas District congregations as well as the LCMS. We’ll keep you posted about new opportunities as we hear about them.

Congregation-Sponsored Events

Kansas District congregations typically sponsor several servant events each year. We’ll post details about opportunities as they become available.

LCMS Servant Event Opportunities

The Synod offers an array of opportunities to serve your neighbor. Build a new home. Lead VBS for disadvantaged children. Work in a soup kitchen. Clean up after a disaster. On the LCMS servant events page, you’ll find servant events in the following categories:

  • Construction
  • Human Care
  • Environment
  • Outreach
  • Multicultural
  • Crisis
  • Family

The needs are there. Take a look and see where you could make a difference!


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