Parish Education

Equipping Children and Adults for Faithful Service to God

The purpose of the Parish Education Committee shall be to give specific attention to equipping children and adults for faithful service to God, through resources, information, and encouragement to congregations, so that members can experience Christ more fully in their homes and individual lives through God’s Word.


The Parish Education Committee shall be responsible for:

1. Identifying needs and practices of adult and family ministry through congregational assessments.

2. Sponsoring congregational, circuit and District training programs in the areas of parenting, marriage ministry, and other areas of discipleship.

3. Recommending resources within the District to assist congregations in their local adult and family life education programs.

4. Performing such other duties as will strengthen and prepare children, adults and families for Christian service and witness throughout the world.

This summer/fall, join fellow Lutherans for the Marriage Enrichment Seminars taking place around the Kansas District. We will meditate upon God’s gift of marriage and how we can build each other up in a world where marriage and family are under constant assault.

Click the icon below to access the Marriage Enrichment Seminar flyer which contains dates, locations and speakers.

If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Philip Hoppe (Trinity, Colby) at or at the Trinity church office phone number 785-462-3497.

Adult Education

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Family Ministry

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Parish Education

Committee Members

James Bauck
Zion, Vassar

Jan Borst
Christ, Overland Park

Rachel Goodpasture
Trinity, Atchison

Dr. John Hart
Christ, Topeka

Rev. Philip Hoppe, Chair
Trinity, Colby

Rev. Dr. Ed Kettner
Hope, Shawnee

Rev. Timothy Roth
Faith, Ottawa

Deac. Bethany Stoever
Immanuel, Hepler