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Moving Forward After COVID
Last year, we posted a document here called “Coming Out of the COVID Shutdown.” One year later, “coming out of COVID” actually looks more promising, so we’ve posted an updated document called “Moving Forward After COVID.” The new version contains some of the previous considerations but also includes new sections on repairing divisions in the body of Christ and worker wellness, issues that have become more prominent over the past year. Even if your return to “normal” is well underway, the document is worth scanning for additional ideas.

Moving Forward  After COVID

LCMS Statements on COVID-19 Vaccines
In January 2021, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod released “The LCMS and COVID-19 Vaccines: Facts and Considerations,” prepared by Commission on Theology and Church Relations in collaboration with Office of National Mission’s Life Ministry. The document addresses questions and concerns about the vaccines in relation to the sanctity of life and religious freedom. In a pastoral letter about the document, Synod President Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison noted, “The Synod does not have an official position on such vaccines at this time. Official decisions of this nature come through the Synod acting in convention, and no convention action has yet been taken. However, our church body remains firmly committed to the sanctify of life, and we continually seek to advocate for pro-life positions in the public square.” President Harrison encourages everyone to read the document, which can be found here. (Note: The document was updated March 3.)

Visiting the District Office?
Per Shawnee County amendment to resolution 2021-19 (approved 3/29/21), the Kansas District has elected to make masks optional in the building unless social distancing cannot be maintained. Individual decisions about masks will be respected. We ask that all visitors continue to observe social distancing and other safety recommendations (e.g., use of hand sanitizer, handwashing, monitoring of symptoms). Masks remain available in the building for those meetings and events when social distancing cannot be maintained. If you feel unwell or have recently been exposed to someone with COVID-19, we ask that you postpone your visit.

COVID-19 Soldiers of the Cross Response Initiative
The Kansas District is pleased to be partnering with The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) and Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) in the COVID-19 Soldiers of the Cross (SOC) Response Initiative, which will provide a limited number of grants to rostered workers and other eligible individuals who have suffered a financial setback due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re eligible and need assistance, we encourage you to apply for a grant. The application process begins at the district level. If you’re interested in applying, contact our district grant administrator, Rev. Dan Galchutt, at dangalchutt@kslcms.org or 785-357-4441, ext. 2002.

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Lutheran Service Builder
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Offering a variety of financial resources, including the Joyful Response online stewardship program.



3 Basic Tips for Better Church Service Videos
In this short video, LCMS pastor Tyrel Bramwell provides very practical tips to keep your church videos looking—and sounding—sharp.

Livestream Your Church Service with Just a Smartphone

Concordia Technology Solutions
“How to Livestream Worship” (camcorder-oriented)

Michigan District
Video and Livestream Options (12-minute video)

Going Live on Facebook: Best Practices

Premiere a Recorded Video as “Live”


Getting the Online Giving Moment Right
If you’re new to recorded church services, and your members are new to online giving, take eight minutes to check out this video.

LCMS Stewardcast: Electronic Giving

Blog Post: Digital Solutions During SocialDistancing (Worship/Online Giving)

LCEF Joyful Response
LCEF offers e-tithing and e-tuition payments through the Joyful Response program, a stewardship resource for LCMS congregations, schools and registered service organizations (RSOs). If you are currently enrolled in Joyful Response, you will be automatically upgraded to the Giving + program. To move ahead, read this overview letter; click the links for the LCEF application and Vanco enrollment form.